by A.K.A.

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released March 1, 2012



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A.K.A. Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: spam
How long have I been swimming through jello. Shiny pretty colors don’t amount to shit. Sweet sticky sugar will rot your teeth. Hypnotized and comatosed you’ve lost control. Dress me up with ribbons and bows, fill me up with spam. Show me how to pray on my knees to rid me of my sins. Give me a number and put me in line, with a stamp of approval. I’ve got to fill this void so tell me what to buy, what to believe, who to hate. Consume your days through a computer screen. How many friends do you have today? Trapped in your prison of i, i, i, click, click, click for instant bliss. Communication, information, access denied. The whole world is at your finger tips, the inter-web is yours. Crack an egg and fry it in dope. This is your brain on drugs. I feel the shit run through my veins, run through my brain, run through my life. Take these pills for your A.D.D., for your O.C.D., and chronic depression. Just go to work and pay your taxes, ignore the voices inside your head that scream are you going insane. Isolation, degradation, madness in a jar. Deny your own hypocrisy, they say ignorance is bliss. Fill me with spam. It scares me to think what’s inside of my head, tell me will it explode 10 years ahead?
Track Name: jesus
So they say that he cares that he loves every one of us, ya that’s what they say. But isn’t it true that he kills every one of us in his ‘mysterious ways’. Been used to abuse and confuse what we choose by fear, self-doubt, and shame. Used as the core for power and war since the dawn of fucking time. If our god equals genocide, then we might as well believe in satan. More people have died in the name of christ than any other cause. Been told to obey, submit, confess, never to indulge in natural human pleasures and desires, your misery is justified. Wait, be patient, endure, survive, your death is your salvation. Make a deal with god, that if you give your life to him you’ll be immortal, get eternal salvation. It gives us comfort to believe that we will live after we die, but there’s got to be a better way to cope with insecurity. Of course I have no fucking clue what lies ahead for me and you. Why can not we just accept that when we die we may cease to exist. Jesus loves me yes I know, for the bible tells me so. If I don’t pray on my knees, I will go to hell and burn.